Tips for Holiday Entertaining at Home

Tips for Holiday Entertaining at Home

Holiday Party 2011 0311. Relax. Enjoy the season. Guests don’t expect perfection! Everyone enjoys huddling in the kitchen, put them to the work if you aren’t done! Guests love to help.

2. Table too neutral? Nail a festive vibe by adding greenery, lush red glasses or metallic accents to a mostly neutral table.

3. Buffet table tricks of the trade: Turn a bowl upside down, or use books to add height. Place them on the table, place a large table cloth on top, gather it around the “pedestals”, place cloth napkins on top (plaid, contrasting color) and then your signature dishes on top of the platforms to add dimension to the table.

4. Not enough dishes for everyone? Take 2 from each set, mix and match, or better yet, go to Salvation Army and buy a bunch of vintage plates. Guests love it.

5. Bandanas, different colors, make great napkins!

6. Hire a neighbor teenager to greet guests and take their coats! It’s much more fun than babysitting!

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